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26th Silicon Oasis TechForum starts today
08/05/2017 16:51

26th Silicon Oasis TechForum starts today

Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO), the integrated free zone technology park, is set to explore the significance of blockchain for the future of the UAE economy and its role in creating a true smart city at its upcoming TechForum.

With a focus on the breakthrough technology that streamlines transactions and improves controls across sectors, the 26th edition of the event will take place on May 23 at 6PM, at the Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Centre (Dtec), the largest technology incubation centre of its kind in the region that is wholly owned by Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA).

Wael Youssef, Director of Digital Solutions at Orange Business Services, and Dr Ioannis Karamitsos, Digital Transformation Technologist at Orange Business Services, will headline a session titled ‘Blockchain: A Disruptive Technology for Smart Cities’. In a follow-up panel discussion, Ramez Dandan, Regional Technology Officer at Microsoft Gulf, and Mohammed Alsehli, Co-founder of ArabianChain, will share their insights on how blockchain is set to transform the digital economy.

The distinguished speakers will discuss how blockchain allows for simple, safe and secure transactions to be made easily, increasing efficiency, enhancing services, and facilitating ease of setting up businesses. In addition, they will address blockchain’s contribution to accelerating the development of smart cities and Internet of Things initiatives.

Speaking on the impact of the event, Hans Christensen, Director of Dtec and Silicon Oasis Founders at DSOA, said: “This edition of the Silicon Oasis TechForum is all about connectivity and knowledge, providing a platform to learn more about the disruptive blockchain technology and interact with experts from the industry. In line with Dubai’s strategic goal of having the first blockchain-powered government by 2020, the event’s topic is especially significant, as the adoption of blockchain will affect everyone on an individual level.”

He added: “The quarterly forum is an essential checkpoint for entrepreneurs, startups, and university students that provides them with a unique opportunity to benefit from the expertise of major industry players.”

A wholly owned entity of the government of Dubai, DSO operates as a free zone technology park for large enterprises as well as medium and small companies looking to set up their offices in Dubai.